CJA Panel FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the panel, how will I receive case assignments?

The CJA Unit within the office of the Federal Public Defender will contact you directly. Upon acceptance of a new case, the CJA Unit will submit an order to the Court for review and filing.

I accepted my first case assignment, when can I start working on the case?

You may begin billing when the court enters the order appointing counsel. Any work done prior to the order is not compensable unless the order has a nunc pro tunc date.

What kind of continuing education training is required for CJA Panel attorneys?

Each member of the panel is required to complete six hours of training in federal criminal practice per year. At least three hours must be on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. For attorneys assigned to the appellate or habeas panels, at least three hours must be on appellate or habeas issues.

Who provides the training?

The office of the Federal Public Defender provides at least 12 hours of training every year, which includes training in appellate and habeas law. These trainings are free.

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